5 Tips for Slim Wallet Maintenance

5 Tips for Slim Wallet Maintenance

Although wallets are an essential item for everyone, many people forget that their wallets need maintenance as well. The truth is, by keeping your wallet in good condition, you’ll ensure its aesthetics and functionality last for a long period of time. 

If you’ve recently bought a slim wallet made in the USA that suits your needs and requirements, follow these  5 useful tips and make sure it stays in great shape. Read on!

How do I care for my minimalist wallet?

Unless you’ve found a slim wallet that’s made of extremely durable material such as the decommissioned fire hose, you should pay special attention to keeping this item in good condition. Here are 5 things you can do:

1. Declutter it

We often keep unnecessary things inside our wallets and tend to forget to declutter them from time to time. This makes your item look bulky, making it harder to fit in your pocket and giving a perfect opportunity to thieves. Check what you have inside and take out any unnecessary things such as notes, receipts, or maybe some other items you won’t need in the future. Aim for a  slim minimalist-looking wallet, not a bulky wallet full of unnecessary stuff.

2. Keep it away from the sun

No matter the material you chose for this important everyday accessory, you should keep it away from direct sunshine or at least avoid over-exposing it. The sunlight can fade the color components of the material, create wrinkles, or even degrade the item over the course of time. To be more specific, you should avoid exposing your wallet to rain, sunlight, snow, or basically any tough weather conditions.

3. Reduce the amount of cash and cards

The amount of cash you carry with you is another thing that makes your wallet a bulky item that takes up too much space inside your pocket or a bag. You can use digital currency and online payment applications while carrying around your emergency cash. If you need larger amounts in cash, try using large denomination bills. You should also try to reduce the number of cards you bring with you by disposing of any outdated cards and digitizing some of them. 

4. Try not to sit on your wallet

Sometimes we’re too lazy to take our slim wallets out of our back pockets, so we choose to sit on them. This isn’t only bad for your item’s structure and visual appearance, but can also hurt your spine. You can either get used to removing your wallet from the back pocket before you sit or simply choose the front pocket option. This way you’ll keep your wallet in better shape and won’t harm your body.

How do I care for my minimalist wallet

5. Clean and dry it carefully

People often tend to forget to clean their wallets, and when they do, they don’t know how to clean them properly. You shouldn’t use any soap or detergent you come across, but find products with ingredients that won’t harm the material or remove the dye. If your wallet is wet from rain or snow, or because you’ve wiped it with a wet cloth, never dry it using extreme temperatures. Instead, let it dry at room temperature.

Where can I find long-lasting slim wallets made in the USA?

If you’re looking for a new wallet or you want to prepare a Christmas present for your loved one, Recycled Firefighter creates sturdy and compact items you should check out. We craft out our minimalist front-pocket wallets using a real decommissioned fire hose. 

These products are hand-made in America, sewn using T-90 nylon thread, and bordered with nylon binding to make them both unique and ready to stand the test of time. Whether you prefer bifold or minimalist wallets, we offer front pocket and back pocket options you won’t be able to resist. Order your unique and long-lasting peace today!

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