20 Uses for a Shemagh

Shemaghs are an incredibly useful piece of gear. Deemed popular within the survival and tactical community. These soft, woven cotton articles of clothing are a widely known as a popular choice for people who live in the middle east.

But they have a lot more of a purpose than keeping the sun off of your head and dust out of your eyes, or mouth (even though that is a helpful characteristic of them). In fact, this is one piece of kit that I continuously keep in my everyday carry bag, as well as my hiking kits, because of how versatile it is.


Uses for a Shemagh


Uses for a Shemagh


In no particular order, here are 20 common and less-than-common uses for a Shemagh.

  1. Improvised sling if your arm becomes injured
  2. Makeshift bandage for heavy cuts or gashes
  3. Makeshift tourniquet if things have gone further south with an injury
  4. Improvised Splint
  5. Sweat towel
  6. Water filter
  7. Wrap to keep items contained within your backpack
  8. Cooling cloth (paired with water)
  9. Scarf for cold months
  10. Small blanket
  11. Or a large blanket for a small child
  12. Head dress to keep the sun off your head
  13. Blockade against dust or debris
  14. Improvised pillow
  15. Ground cloth
  16. Hunting & gathering sack
  17. Improvised backpack or butt pack when tied properly
  18. Camouflage
  19. Self-defense item
  20. Pot Holder so you don't burn yourself


20 Uses for a Shemagh


How do you use your Shemagh?


It seems like every time I go out I find a new use for my Shemagh. Some of the ones I mentioned above are things that I do with my shemagh all the time. While thankfully, some of them are ones that I have never had to use it for.

So, let's hear it from you! How do you use your Shemagh? Drop us a comment below.


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