Unusual EDC Items

Unusual EDC Items

Unusual EDC Items


Unusual Every Day Carry Items


It's an age-old tradition for men to gather around at social gatherings, talk about their pocket knives and show each other what we're carrying. My dad did it, my grandfather did it, I still do it...It's our way to start an easy & like-minded conversation.

However, as of late, we're not just showing off our pocket knives - We're dragging out all sorts of other things that we utilize in our Every Day Carry. I've seen some really interesting (and unusual) things pulled out of peoples everyday carry bags and their pockets. So, today, I thought it'd be fun to show you guys some unusual things that I carry every single day and explain them a bit.



What EDC Items should you carry?


Let's start out with a bit of context before I jump into my list. Your EDC Items are going to be different than mine...And mine, different than yours. Everyday Carry Items should be tailored to your specific needs & lifestyle.

They may seem odd to other people or totally ordinary. But they need to work in your daily life and provide a solution to a problem. Like the following 8 items do for me...


Unusual EDC Items


1. Deodorant: Not the most uncommon thing, sure. But I keep deodorant with me at all times and it's something you don't see a lot of people mention as part of their EDC.

For me, it's not unusual to be hiking and then have to go to a meeting or dinner without being able to shower first. Deo for the B.O. helps a lot in these kinds of cases.


Unusual EDC Items


2. Floss Picks: Sticking with hygiene, I keep a couple of dental floss picks in my bag at all times. They're invaluable when you get food stuck in your teeth and can't get it out.

Pro-Tip: I store them in a little zip lock baggy so they don't attract lint/dust.


Unusual Everyday Carry Items

3. Snacks: Let's get counter-active to our flossing on this one (ha!). I spend a lot of time in my car and far from home when I'm out. So I pack an assortment of snacks. Here are some common things I reach for and put in my everyday carry bag: Protein bars, beef jerky, crackers, candy, etc.


Unusual EDC Items

4. Spork: I carry a spork in my bag at all times. I personally love the Light My Fire Titanium Spork, because it's unbreakable and provides a dedicated spoon + fork (it even has a dull knife on the side of the fork). If you don't wanna shell out the cash for a titanium one though, the plastic ones do work just be careful not to break them.

My spork has saved me on more than one occasion when I've gone through a drive-thru, gotten down the road, only to find I didn't get silverware.


Unusual EDC Items

5. Clippers: Nothing annoys me more than when my fingernails get long, or when one gets jagged. So I decided to never leave my house without clippers. Keeping these in my EDC Kit also helps to keep track of them in a house full of daughters ;)


Most Unusual EDC Items


6. Heavy Duty Tape: I personally love the 1" wide Gorilla Tape. I'll just leave my reasoning for carrying gorilla tape as this: I live in Kentucky and "anything can be fixed with enough duct tape".

Why Gorilla Tape, specifically? It's super tough, really thick, incredibly sticky and has never let me down. I keep a small roll of it in my bag or wrap a generous amount of it wrapped around one of my other EDC Items (like my lighter, see below).


Unusual EDC Items


7. Lighter: I don't smoke personally, but I have carried a lighter in my pocket every day for as long as I can remember and I think it's a very valuable tool. It has come in handy so many times while I'm camping, doing projects with paracord (see #8) or just need to light some birthday candles. I personally like the mini Bic Lighters because of their compact and easy to carry size.

Pro-Tip: You can fit two 1" sections of GorillaTape around a Bic Lighter and kill two birds with one stone. Lighter + Tape, all in one!


Unusual EDC Items


8. Paracord: I couldn't advocate more for paracord. I use it for everything and always keep it in my personal EDC Bag, the 12 Hour Batallion. I've done everything with this stuff: Tied up my bumper when the mount broke loose, made stuff at camp, tied stuff down while we were transporting it and made all sorts of other McGyver-Inspired contraptions.



Most Unusual Thing You Carry?


I wanna hear it from you - What's the most unusual thing you carry in your Everyday Carry Kit and WHY? Also, if you've seen something really unusual in another persons everyday carry I wanna hear about that too!

Drop us a comment below!

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