Top USA Made Knives that you should know about

It goes without saying that I get really excited about packing USA Made gear as part of my Everyday Carry. After all, I've based my business around selling the best USA Made wallets and everyday carry gear that money can buy!

Top USA Made Knives


So today I wanted to shoot a list out to you guys and gals about the "Top USA Made Knives" that I believe everyone should know about. So let's jump in!


Benchmade Mini Griptilian

USA Made Benchmade Mini Griptilian

Seen above are 5 out of our 10 "must have" EDC Items. Read more here.

It's safe to say I've gotten kinda spoiled lately with my Benchmade Mini Griptilian's. These knives are so handy and lightweight, but still pack a punch when you need to put some solid work in! Benchmade makes some amazing American Made knives that hold up to some serious abuse. As you'll see with a lot of the other knives in this article, they boast some seriously awesome/high quality blade steels!

(You owe it to yourself to check out a Benchmade Mini Griptilian, if you haven't already!)


Esee Knives

USA Made Esee Rowen Knives

Now, I do love my little knives for everyday carry. But sometimes you just wanna carry something that you know would allow you to go into the forest and chop a tree down. Okay, I'm joking about the tree (give me an axe for that!). But all jokes aside, Esee Knives are dollar for dollar the toughest and most serious fixed blade knives out there. If heavy work is about to happen, I'm reaching for one of my Esee's!

These bad boys are as tough as they get and can stand up to way more abuse than any person will likely ever put a knife through. Even better...These guys are loyal to making a great USA Made product.


Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Spyderco Paramilitary 2

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2....This is quite possibly the most American looking knife of the bunch. I particularly love the Digicam versions, but it does come in some more discreet handle colors if that's your thing.

This knife is shockingly lightweight and has the best ergonomics of any knife that i've handled recently. It's such a large knife, but it packs so well in the pocket. The S30V steel, accompanied by the blade/handle shape make the Paramilitary 2 one of the best performing knives on the market today. This would be a great USA Made addition to anyones Everyday Carry....highly recommended!


Leatherman Multitools

USA Made Leatherman Multitools

Among the handiest of things that a person can carry is a Leatherman Multitool. Sure it's not strictly a knife...But it has a knife on it, among a lot of other great functions. The Leatherman Wingman above has 14 tools on it, and I can't count the number of times I've used them.

If this particular configuration, or number of tools isn't suited for you take a peek around their site. You can buy other variations for your particular needs that have up to around 20 different tools and are suited for all types of work.


Kershaw Blackout

USA Made Kershaw Knives

Kershaw makes some truly incredible knives - And their USA Made knives are among their best! They put some incredible blade steels in their USA Made knives and seem to hold them to a slightly higher standard.

It's been exciting to see Kershaw releasing so many USA Made knives as of late. Hopefully more industry players will follow along. As for me - The slightly older Kershaw 1550 and 1560 models are still alive and well in my Everyday Carry!


Zero Tolerance 0350

Usa Made Zero Tolerance 0350

While we're on the KAI/Kershaw train, let's mention the Zero Tolerance 0350. This is another killer knife that is using S30V steel and has some great ergonomics. I would classify this knife as a "heavy use" folder. In fact, ZT writes directly on their boxes that these knives are "Proudly Overbuilt in the USA". Well, I can't argue with that marketing slogan! The ZT 0350 is a little beast!


Hogue Knives

USA Made Hogue Knives

You probably just re-read that last one and said, "What?! Hogue is making knives now?". Well, you're correct. The infamous gun grip makers have made their way into the knife game....And they're doing incredibly well!

In the picture above, you're seeing the gorgeous 4" EX01 Model with OD Aluminum handles. This is one of many great looking knives from their lineup. 

Their USA Made blades are among the best on the market right now and are a great value. If you've not had Hogue Knives on your radar, start looking into them - They're fantastic!


Case XX

USA Made Case XX Knives

You didn't think I'd forget Case, did you? Case XX has been the Hallmark of USA Made knives for years. Above you're seeing a classic yellow handled trapper. I believe everyone owes it to themselves to own one of these American Made beauties.

If the yellow handles aren't your thing, no worries...You can pick from a large variety of handle colors, handle materials, blade shapes and even the number of blades that these knives have on board. Case makes so many variations that you're sure to find the perfect fit for your EDC.


What's your favorite USA Made knife?

It's always encouraging to see companies who are supporting our local economy, stateside makers/designers and are making products that proudly represent our great country! The list above only scratches the surface of the great knives that this country produces. There are hundreds of others.

Which is why I'd love to hear what your favorite USA Made knife is! Comment below letting me know your favorite. Or post a picture up on Instagram with the hashtag #RecycledFirefighterEDC.


  • Ed

    Great list of knives! I completely agree that each and every one of them is a great EDC. I’ve always been partial to Spyderco knives, so I have three Paramilitary 2 knives that I switch out. My brother is a Benchmade man, so he carries a Griptilian a lot. I will have to check out that Zero Tolerance 0350 though-I’ve been wanting a good flipper knife…

  • Cory Murphy

    I’m partial to the ones we make(T.M. Hunt Custom Knives). The Magua and Hornet in particular.

    Also a Ka-bar/Becker Knife and Tool BK24

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