Top 15 Fixed Blade Knives

Top Fixed Blade Knives 2016


Welcome back to another list of our top recommend gear, folks! Today we're bringing you some of our favorite fixed blade knives! Not just for everyday carry, but for tactical/defensive applications and for outdoor use as well.

Some of these knives are widely heard of, while some of them are not so mainstream. We hope to help feed your knife-buying-habit and get you into some of the knives that we've found to be extremely high quality.


Esee Izula EDC Knife


Top EDC Fixed Blade Knives:

Finding a fixed blade knife that you can actually work into your everyday life as a carry piece is not an easy task. So below, we'd like to share some that have proven to be comfortable and non-obtrusive in our day to day lives.


Cold Steel Roach Belly EDC Knife

Esee Izula Knife

1. Esee Izula: $55
Blade Length: 2.63" | Weight: 2.0oz (w/out sheath) | 1095 Carbon Steel


Cold Steel Roach Belly

2. Cold Steel Roach Belly: $20
Blade Length: 4.5" | Weight: 2.6oz | German 4116 Stainless Steel



CRKT Minimalist3. CRKT Minimalist: $25
Blade Length: 2" | Weight: 1.1oz | 5Cr15MoV Steel


Boker Coye Ridgeback

4. Boker+ Ridgeback: $55
Blade Length: 3 3/8" | Weight: 5.3oz | 440C Stainless Steel


Esee 3

5. Esee 3: $115
Blade Length: 3.375" | Weight: 5.22oz | 1095 Carbon Steel



Top Tactical Fixed Blade Knives


Top Tactical Fixed Blade Knives:

Let's just admit it, we all have a battle rig stashed away in the closet. And if you don't, you have probably at least thought about it. So here are a few great fixed blade options to throw into your tactical loadout. And some of them will even fit on your person for EDC...


CRKT Obake EDC Knife


Sog Seal Pup Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

6. Sog Seal Pup: $35
Blade Length: 4.75" | Weight: 5.40oz | AUS-8 Steel


Kabar Fighting Knife

7. Kabar Fighting Knife: $65
Blade Length: 7" | Weight: 10.88oz | 1095 Cro-Van Steel


CRKT Obake

8. CRKT Obake: $35
Blade Length: 3.64" | Weight: 
2.4oz | 8Cr14MoV Steel


Gerber Strongarm

9. Gerber Strongarm: $65
Blade Length: 
4 3/4" | Weight: 7.2oz | 420HC Steel


Kabar TDI Fighting Knife

10. Kabar TDI: $40
Blade Length: 
2 5/16" | Weight: 3.2oz | AUS-8A Stainless Steel


Helle Gaupe Fixed Blade


Top Outdoor Fixed Blade Knives:

If you ask many outdoorsman what their most valuable and needed possession is in the woods, they would say their fixed blade knife. Well, it just so happens that we spend a ton of time in the outdoors ourselves. So, we decided to add this genre of knives into this post so you can grab an excellent knife for your next campout, hunt or hike.


Helle Gaupe

11. Helle Gaupe: $128
Blade Length: 4.2126
" | Weight: 4.30342oz | Triple Laminated Stainless Steel


Condor Bushlore

12. Condor Bushlore: $40
Blade Length: 
4.375" | Weight: 12.32oz | 1075 High Carbon Steel


Mora Bushcraft Black

13. Mora Bushcraft Black: $45
Blade Length: 
4.3" | Weight: 5.7oz (w/ sheath) | High Carbon Steel


Esee 4 Fixed Blade Knife

14. Esee 4: $100
Blade Length: 
4.1" | Weight: 
8.0oz (w/out sheath) 1095 Carbon Steel


Esee 6 Knife

15. Esee 6: $125
Blade Length: 
6.5" | Weight: 
12oz (w/out sheath) 1095 Carbon Steel



There 'ya have it, folks...15 of the Top Fixed Blade Knives!

We hope that you enjoyed our top 15 fixed blades, within the 3 different genres of carry. If we missed out on your favorite fixed blade, drop us a comment below!

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