Tips to take better pocket dump photos, TODAY!

If you're like us, you totally nerd out when you get a new toy to add to our EDC. And I'm willing to bet, one of the first things you do is take a photo of it to show off to your buddies, to post on your favorite everyday carry forum, or on your Instagram.

Take Better Pocket Dump Photos


Take Better Pocket Dump Photos TODAY!


Since we're all everyday carry nerds around here, we thought it'd be fun to share 5 quick tips to up your photo game and start making cool pocket dump photos! Let's dive in right now!


Pocket Dump Photos


Tip #1 - Color Coordinate your EDC:


Nothing makes a pocket dump look better than color coordinating your gear. This makes your pocket dump photos look well-planned and thought out, which immediately steps up your game.


Pocket Dump Photos


Tip #2 - Use good lighting:


A window is like a giant photography studio light, which will immediately make your pictures look better. Photos are made up of millions of little things called "pixels"...And bright pixels are the best pixels in terms of image quality.

So the next time you take a photo of your gear move closer to the light...You'll be surprised how much better it looks!


Pocket Dump Photos


Tip #3 - Use everyday items as backdrops:


Instead of laying your EDC knife out on a counter next time, place your hankie down behind it. This immediately adds another layer to your image and tells a better story of what you carry every day. This not only makes you a bit more personable, but your image is less likely to blend into all of the other knife photos online.


Pocket Dump Photos


Tip #4 - Make a Scene!


Instead of laying everything out perfectly symmetrical and even, don't be afraid to make a bit of a scene. Organize your gear around the corners of your photograph. This helps you draw attention to a specific point in the photo while framing your shot in a cool/unique way.


Pocket Dump Photos


Tip #5 - Tell A Story:


Tip #5 can go hand-in-hand with Tip #4. Try to tell a story with your image. As you can see above - This photo shows off the Sergeant wallet along with the First Responder Notebook Cover that I was carrying that day. These EDC items are shown in a way that tells a story though. It shows that I was sitting, enjoying a drink and taking notes in my notebook, as well as paying for my drink. This is a lot more interesting than simply laying my items out for a quick shot.


Pocket Dump Photos


BONUS Tip #6 - Stay Safe!


You'd be surprised how quickly a knife can begin to slide when you're doing a hand dump photo while you're focusing on getting your shot. So be safe and don't cut your fingers off :)


Pocket Dump Photos


Share your Pocket Dump Photos


Now, get your cell phone out, find some good light and put these tips to good use! But don't be a stranger...We want to see your pocket dump photos! So, tag us in your favorite ones on Instagram with the hashtag #RecycledFirefighter. Who knows, we may just post some of our favorites here one day really soon :)

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