4 Things to Avoid When Purchasing a Wallet

What should I look out for when purchasing a bifold wallet

Your wallet is not just an accessory but also a representation of your style and personality. Choosing your go-to wallet is not easy, especially since there are various designs and sizes available around you. From spacious trifold designs to bifold wallets that can be minimalist and still carry cards and cash, the options are endless. Even if you know what style you want, you should know what options and characteristics you should look out for. 

This is why we’ve prepared a useful list of 4 things you should avoid when buying a new wallet

What should I look out for when purchasing a bifold wallet?

Bifold wallets come in a variety of styles and sizes, making it hard to choose your perfect one. You’ll have to sift through various brands and keep your needs and preferences in mind. In order to make the decision more easily, you should know what to avoid:

1. Large wallets

Your wallet should fit your pocket size so avoid buying one that’s too large and bulky. A wallet like this will stick out of your pocket, grab people’s attention, and be easier to steal. A fat wallet looks very unappealing and is not a great option for men who want to look professional. There are wallets that are slim and space-efficient. These are using every millimeter of space productively instead of just being too large. 

2. Poor materials

You carry your wallet every day and use it numerous times which is why it should be as durable as possible. Avoid cheap materials and opt for high-quality craftsmanship. Nowadays, wallets are made from a broad array of materials. Look around you and check for long-lasting options. Although leather is always trendy, you should explore other quality materials. For example, there are manufacturers who even make wallets made of recycled firefighter hose materials and people are going crazy about these items.

3. Wallets made of environmentally harmful materials

Today, having a wallet made out of real leather is truly a sign of luxury and style, but it isn’t that eco-friendly. On the other hand, faux leather options leave an even bigger environmental footprint. There are great vegan leather options, but not all forms are created in the same way. One of the good eco-friendly options is buying a wallet made of recycled materials. This way you’ll have a truly unique item while helping the environment.

4. A wallet that’s not durable enough

Your wallet should be your long-term investment. That’s why you should choose both the material and the manufacturer wisely. Opt for trusted and reputable suppliers and don’t look for cheap products. You really want your wallet to be high-quality and able to stand the test of time. Even if you can buy a good wallet at a low price, it doesn’t mean it won’t get shabby after a year or two. If you buy a long-lasting wallet of supreme quality, it can last for a good number of years.

Where can I find a bifold wallet that’s minimalist and durable

Where can I find a bifold wallet that’s minimalist and durable?

If you’re searching for a wallet that’s slim and made of one of the most durable materials, look no further than Recycled Firefighter. For almost ten years, we’ve been using recycled firefighter hose material to make completely unique and quality hand-made wallets suitable for everyday use. This material is not only eco-friendly but also makes sure your item lasts for an extended period of time. 

Choose one of our wallets and experience a timeless aesthetic of military spec binding and webbing, along with 1000D cordura nylon material. We make every product with utmost care and precision and we’re very confident in their quality. What are you waiting for? Order one today!

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