5 Benefits of Carrying a Bifold Wallet

Why should I purchase a bifold wallet

A wallet is a necessary item you probably can't leave your home without. You use it every day and want it to be both functional and stylish. Due to the high demand, dozens of brands now create wallets of different colors, styles, and prices. People can choose between a variety of options, but many of them opt for a long-lasting made-in-the-USA men’s bifold wallet. 

This is because bifold wallets have many benefits that are making them popular. So if you’re thinking about buying a new wallet, keep reading and you’ll maybe purchase the bifold one. 

Why should I purchase a bifold wallet?

Today, bifold wallets come in a wide array of styles and sizes. There are even eco-friendly minimalist options made of recycled durable materials. Before you choose your go-to design, let’s take a look at the main advantages of having a bifold wallet:

1. Suitable for front and back pockets

This wallet offers a bit less room for contents, but the slimmer design is a better option for carrying it inside a pocket. It’s minimalist, compact, and flexible which means you can choose between placing it inside the front or the back pocket. If you opt for certain minimalist options, you can even carry your wallet and phone in the same pocket.

2. Slimmer 

The bi-fold design is perfect if you want to avoid large wallets that can’t fit inside a pocket. This option is much slimmer than its counterparts which makes them well-suited for men who like to carry their wallets inside their pants. At the same time, this is a traditional-style item in which you can carry a supply of cash on hand. 

3. No pickpocketing

It’s less likely to lose or get your wallet stolen if you can carry your item inside the front pocket. You’ll be more aware of what’s happening with it while the pickpockets and the strangers that press against you won’t stand the chance because you’ll be able to notice them. This is especially important in overcrowded areas. 

4. Perfect for cards and the money

Although it has less free space for your cash, the money will get a single fold and you won't have to think about folding it differently. When it comes to storing cards, these wallets always come with several card pockets making them more visible than with trifold options. When you need your cards, you’ll find them more quickly, without having to dig through all your stuff. 

5. More comfortable and stylish

You’ll be more comfortable carrying the item every day if it’s smaller and slimmer. For example, when you want to sit, you simply place the minimalist wallet inside your front pocket. Believe it or not, this can reduce back pain and protect your cards from damage. On the other hand, a less bulky wallet won’t create a bump or stretch the material of your jeans or jacket.

Who offers a durable made-in-the-USA men’s bifold wallet

Who offers a durable made-in-the-USA men’s bifold wallet?

If you want a wallet that’s both modern and durable, Recycled Firefighter has prepared something for you. We’ve reused firefighter hose material and created long-lasting and eco-friendly wallets that are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. You’ll be amazed by the endurance of this material and get an item that will stand the test of time. 

Whether you go for a front or back pocket bifold wallet, it’ll be ready for everyday use and abuse. Choose one of our items and become a part of an almost ten-year-long story that boasts a unique and eco-friendly approach. Order your sturdy and stylish option today!

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