Swiss Army Knife Cadet Review

Swiss Army Knife Cadet Review


If you're like me, it's very likely that one of your first pocket knives as a kid was a red handled Swiss Army Knife. It's many peoples introduction into every day carrying a knife. But, these knives are much more than a beginners knife. The Victorinox Cadet is one of my personal favorite knives and I've carried one off & on for years.


Swiss Army Knife Cadet Tools


Swiss Army Cadet Tools


As you can see above, the capabilities that this knife offers your EDC (everyday carry) are pretty extensive for it being so small (3.3" long + 0.3" thick) and lightweight (1.6oz).

The knife blade on the Victorinox SAK Cadet is capable of becoming a razor with the right sharpening skills. And the blade length is plenty capable of conquering your EDC Tasks.


Swiss Army Knife Cadet Review

Shown Above: SAK Cadet Alox Silver and Recycled Firefighter "Major Small"


Swiss Army Can Opener: The Swiss Army Cadet offers two other tools that double in functionality. The first being a fully functional can opener with a 3mm Screwdriver tip. I personally use this tool all the time. In fact, I prefer it over any other can opener.

Swiss Army Bottle Opener: Next up is the bottle opener. I personally never use a bottle opener. Partially because I don't drink bottled beverages. But everything is twist-top for the most part these days. However, the bottle opener does double up on its functionality to offer a 6mm screwdriver and wire stripper. But again, I don't really use those either...Your mileage may vary though.


Victorinox Cadet Alox Review

Shown Above: SAK Cadet Alox and Firehose Rookie Bifold Wallet 


Swiss Army Nail File: Coming in last (but not least) in the SAK Cadet toolkit is the Nail File and nail cleaner. This doesn't get used all the time...But whenever I've got a jagged fingernail bothering me, it is a life saver.


Swiss Army Knife Cadet Colors


The Swiss Army Knife Cadet models are my favorite because of the high end feel that the Alox Scales give. But, what's even cooler is how many colors these knives come in (I found at least 8 while I was preparing for this review).

Victorinox is always adding limited-edition versions as well. So, if you're into color-coordinating your EDC, this is a great knife to look into.


Swiss Army Knife Cadet Review

 Shown Above: SAK Cadet Alox and Multicam Truckie Pouch


Victorinox Cadet Review


The Swiss Army Knife Cadet by Victorinox is a fantastic knife that I believe any person who takes their EDC seriously would enjoy owning. The blade holds a wicked and long-lasting edge. And the tools, for the most part, are useful, with the exception of the bottle opener (in my opinion/usage).


  • Affordable at around $30
  • Great materials & reputable name
  • Sharp and long-lasting edge on the blade
  • Thin & Lightweight
  • A well-rounded and highly usable toolkit (for the most part)


  • The bottle opener isn't super versatile in today's "twist-top" age or if you don't drink bottled beverages


Shown Above: SAK Cadet Alox and Chauffeur Keychain

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