September Community Features

September Community Features

Welcome back to another month of Community Features! Thanks so much to everyone who posted awesome pics of your gear in the month of September. As always, it was hard to only pick 5...But here are our picks for this month.


Blaze Orange Nomex Handkerchief in use by @Daddyo_EDC



Firehose Sergeant Wallet in use by @bobhunt00



 Firehose Sergeant Wallet in use by @openfirecompany



Firehose Sergeant Wallet in use by @meaganepidermis



Vinyl Sergeant Wallet in use by @redsoap2808



Don't forget to keep tagging us!


Keep tagging your pictures on Instagram with the #RecycledFirefighter hashtag (and use our secret #RecycledFirefighterEDC hashtag to double your chances!).

If you want to up your photo game, give this article a read5 QUICK TIPS TO TAKE BETTER POCKET DUMP PHOTOS!

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