Northwest Bladeworks Review

Northwest Bladeworks Review

Northwest Bladeworks Review


One of the coolest parts about having a business within the everyday carry industry is meeting new & amazing people. People who are following after their passion and putting out the best possible work/products that they can.

With that said, meet Northwest Bladeworks. A small Pacific Northwest knifemaker striving to produce custom-made, heirloom quality fixed blades and folders.


Northwest Bladeworks

Shown Above: Northwest Bladeworks Knife and Sergeant Wallet


About the Blade


Every Northwest Bladeworks knife is handmade and individually serialized, so you're getting something that is unique to you. The company offers multiple design choices these days. But we have a small fixed blade knife with roughly the following dimensions: 6" Overall Length and 2 1/2" cutting edge (3" blade).


Northwest Bladeworks


Getting a small fixed blade knife right.


Getting a small fixed blade knife right is not an easy task. It comes with its own set of struggles in terms of ergonomics and usability. With this little knife from Northwest Bladeworks, it's apparent from the moment that you pick it up that it's usable in every sense.

The handle fills your palms very well, it gives you enough length to hang onto and it has plenty of heft behind it. The blade itself is thick enough to withstand heavy use and the 2 1/2" cutting surface is all you could need for general everyday carry/utilitarian purposes.


Northwest Bladeworks

Shown Above: Northwest Bladeworks Knife, Sergeant Wallet, and Truckie Large Pouch

Carry Options


The Northwest Bladeworks knife that we have here at the shop came with a molded Kydex sheath and it's perfect for tossing into a pocket or a bag. The sheath also has a fantastic thumb ramp, which allows you to easily deploy the knife.


Northwest Bladeworks


Who would dig this knife?


If you're the kind of person who loves fixed blade knives, we think you'd love Northwest Bladeworks. The model that we have is perfect for everyday carry, outdoors use (camping/hiking) and general utilitarian tasks. 

Custom knives have so much character and appeal. But you're not just buying a great knife. You're buying a small piece of someone's passion. They're life's work. And you're allowing them to do what they love by supporting them.


Northwest Bladeworks


Follow Northwest Bladeworks


If you dig what you've seen here, go give Northwest Bladeworks a follow. Show them some love and pick up a knife of your own!


Instagram: @NorthwestBladeworks


Northwest Bladeworks

Shown Above: Northwest Bladeworks Knife and Truckie Large Pouch

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