Everyday Carry Tool Roll

Everyday Carry Tool Roll

Everyday Carry Tool Roll


Ditch your tool bag

Up until this point, carrying tools in your car or in a tool bag has been a total pain. Not only does it become a mess rather quickly, but you run the risk of damaging your tools by having them clang around on top of each other. We have just released a product that fixes this.



EDC Tool Roll


As with all of our products, this tool roll was built with everyday carry (EDC) in mind. The smaller tool roll compacts to a minimal 4" wide x 10" tall when rolled up and the larger tool roll at 6" wide x 12" tall.

Don't let their small folded-footprint fool you though. These tool rolls are capable of holding between 7 and 11 tools at a time. So, pick your most used tools and load up.



Perfectly Organized


As we mentioned earlier, a tool bag becomes a mess very quickly. But with the individual sleeves/dividers, your tools are always perfectly organized.

And if you're anything like us, this tool roll will help you keep better track of your tools, since you can visually see when a sleeve is left vacant.


Everyday Carry Tool Roll


Made to Last


Tools are notorious for damaging bags and things they come in contact with. Afterall, screwdrivers, chisels and hammer claws are sharp...But this tool roll is extremely tough as well.

Our everyday carry tool rolls are built from 5" double jacketed polyester firehose (and 7.5" on the extra large model). This is the same firehose that carries water from the fire hydrant to a fire engine. All of the stress points are also box stitched or bar tacked for maximum durability.

In short, this tool roll is a beast and it's up for any job.


EDC Tool Roll


With you when you need it


The coolest part about this tool roll is how easy it is to pack around. As you can see, it easily fits in your hand, making it perfect for Every Day Carry.

So, slip it into your backpack, carry it around (if you wanna look extra manly) or toss it in your trunk. It'll be there when you need it.


EDC Tool Kit


Available in Regular or Extra Large


We are offering these bad boys in 2 sizes: Regular or Extra Large. And, if you're curious about which one to get, we'll list some info about them below:

  • Size when rolled up (regular): 4" wide x 10" tall
  • Size when rolled up (extra large): 6" wide x 12" tall
  • Size when unrolled (regular): 16" wide x 13" tall
  • Size when unrolled (extra large): 27" wide x 15" tall
  • Sleeves (regular): 7 Slots for Tools
  • Sleeves (extra large): 11 Slots for Tools
  • Tool Roll Regular is a bit more compact and accommodates smaller tools.
  • Tool Roll Extra Large is larger in size and accommodates larger tools, as the sleeves are a bit more spacious.
  • Both tool rolls feature the same level of quality, 1.75" mil-spec webbing, 1" mil-spec binding on the edges, steel parachute cinch buckle and double jacketed polyester firehose.
  • Both tool rolls are proudly MADE IN THE USA



Get your EDC Tool Roll


We are currently taking pre-orders for the Tool Rolls. So, go ahead and snag an Extra Large Tool Roll here or the Regular Size Here. If you're reading this and have missed the pre-order (or we're out of stock), give us a follow on Instagram and we'll keep you up to date when they come back in stock!

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