The Truckie EDC Gear Pouch!

Happy Friday, Everyone!
We are so pumped about the new "Truckie" EDC Gear Pouches that we've released! We've been testing these bad-boys for months now, figuring out the perfect way to incorporate them into our EDC.

And to be honest....We use these little pouches for everything! They're so handy and fit the bill for a lot of different needs.

EDC Gear Pouch

So, how do you use this pouch anyways?

Good question! On this particular adventure that you're seeing pictures of, the green one was holding a small fire-making-kit and the black one held a minimized IFAK (individual first aid kit).

They are perfect for organizing smaller necessities that go into a larger pack.


EDC Gear Pouch

How about carrying these in a back pocket or something like that?

Oh yeah, absolutely! We've been using these pouches for Everyday Carry as well. For instance, the following things fit perfectly in our experience: A Sergeant Wallet, a small to mid size knife, some cash and other little doo-dads that you typically store in various pockets.

So, if you're looking for a small EDC Gear Pouch that you can actually carry on you, these will work out perfect.

Watch the YouTube Video:

If you haven't already, take a quick peek at the official Truckie video below. There's lot of good info about this product in it....

Buy The "Truckie" EDC Gear Pouch!

As of this article, the Truckie is sold out! You guys bombarded us with orders yesterday and we cannot thank you enough for the outstanding response! However, there will be more restocked on the 19th! So, please checked back and make sure to get yours....We know you guys are gonna love 'em!

EDC Gear Pouch

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