Custom Made Goods

"Making" and coming up with new ideas has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. The drive to make incredible new product designs, explore new color options for existing products and simply creating stuff is a daily need for me.

If I am not spending time creating something, my day just doesn't feel as complete.

Custom Recycled Firefighter Products


Designed in Louisville, Kentucky

All of the Recycled Firefighter products are designed right here in my Louisville, Kentucky shop. I can't tell you the amount of prototypes I have sitting in totes, or on the shelves here. They aren't a waste though....

Every one of those prototypes were a part of a road that led me to designs that became products, that you can now see here.


Recycled Firefighter Shop


Tested Tough!

After I have pain-stakingly perfected a design, I then test it thoroughly to make sure i'd be stoked to carry/use it. I mean, after all - How could I be expect everyone else to want to carry something if I haven't already had an awesome experience with it :)


Jake Recycled Firefighter


(Currently Making) Custom Duffle Bags

If you've been following along on Instagram as of late you'll notice that i've been putting up a TON of duffle bags that i've been making! I have been super stoked on these bags and haven't been able to hold my excitement in about them.

So....I have decided to start selling these 1 at a time. First person to comment, gets it. Simple as that. Here are a couple of them:


Custom American Made Duffle Bag


Huge thanks for the #RecycledFirefighter Community!

A humongous thank you is in order for the community that backs what i'm doing here with Recycled Firefighter. I'm continuously humbled that I get to design new bags, EDC gear and all of these other products for you guys. I hope you guys are loving the latest custom made goods I'm putting up on Instagram as well!

If you haven't already, give me a follow on Instagram and Facebook. There's a ton of other stuff on the way that you won't want to miss!


Custom Recycled Firefighter Bags

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