CRKT Minimalist Review

Welcome back to another Gear Review everyone! Today we wanted to bring a knife to your all's attention that we've loved for quite some time. It is a small fixed blade that is perfectly suited for everyday carry...And it won't cost you an arm and a leg either.

CRKT Minimalist Review


CRKT Minimalist Review


The Minimalist by Columbia River is designed primarily as a neck knife. And it does indeed excel as one. However, i've often times found myself carrying this knife in my pocket without paracord attached to the sheath. As well as in my everyday carry backpacks or pouches.

The Wharncliffe version of the Minimalist that I have boasts the following small, but mighty specifications:

  • Blade Length: 2" Inches
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Blade Thickness: 0.1" Inches
  • Blade Steel: 5Cr15MoV
  • Overall Length: 5" Inches
  • Bead Blasted Finish with Green Fiber Handles
  • Weight: An extremely light 1.1 ounces

As you can already tell, this knife is extremely small. And i'll be the first to tell you that I am not a fan of dinky knives. But this one is different, it's something special.


CRKT Minimalist Review

 CRKT Minimalist Knife and Recycled Firefighter "Truckie" Pouch


CRKT Minimalist Ergonomics:


There is certainly no denying that the Columbia River Minimalist is a small knife. But the handle design allows you to get a full 3 finger grip, with the spacious finger grooves. And the braided / rat-tail lanyard serves well as a place to anchor your pinky into.

There is also a generous amount of gimping on the top side of the little 2" blade, which is a perfect place to rest your thumb while using the Minimalist. Additionally, the finger choil that Columbia River added into this blade is a must. For such a small knife this is a great design choice as it adds some stability for the user...But most of all safety, so you're not at risk for running your forefingers into the blade.

Overall, the ergonomics may take some getting used to for large handed users. But this is hands down the most comfortable mini neck knife that i've ever tried.


Columbia River Minimalist Review

CRKT Minimalist Review


Intended use of the CRKT Minimalist


In my opinion this little knife is perfect for utility tasks that you'll encounter throughout your general everyday carry. IE: Opening boxes, packages, cutting some light cordage, some whittling at camp, etc. I am not personally a hunter, due to lack of time. But I could see this being a nice skinning knife for small game. It has a nice small blade and precise point.

Though the CRKT Minimalist is a full tang fixed blade, it's simply not going to be capable of doing a whole lot of heavy work due to it's small stature.


CRKT Minimalist Review

CRKT Minimalist Knife and Recycled Firefighter "Sergeant" Wallet


CRKT Minimalist Self Defense Knife


As a defensive blade - I could definitely see the Minimalist being an awesome option. It is small, lightweight, easily concealable and has enough of a guard for your fingers so you're not at risk. Due to it's blade style it would be a mean little dude for slicing and shallow stabs.

* As always - we do not advocate for unlawful carry of weapons or criminal behavior.


CRKT Minimalist Self Defense

CRKT Minimalist Knife and Recycled Firefighter "Sergeant" Wallet


Overall Value of the CRKT Minimalist


For starters this knife goes for around $25-30. And I think that is an absolute steal. There are a lot of custom knife makers out there who make similarly designed (or competitive) knives that easily exceed $100. There's no denying the quality and value in a hand made product - But some people simply can't afford such an item. Which is where I believe the CRKT Minimalist shines within the market.

While "CrMoV" blade steel isn't typically my favorite from certain brands, CRKT does a nice job with it on the Minimalist. It is wicked sharp and holds its edge very well. The handles aren't the typical G10 or Micarta, but they feel incredible and look great (especially with a little bit of wear on them).

The sheath and lanyard provided with the Minimalist is icing on the cake, to an already great knife. The sheath retains the knife securely, but still allows for easy deployment. It is also very versatile in terms of mounting options. And the Lanyard...That thing is just too cool! It's worth $5 on it's own, in my opinion.


 CRKT Minimalist Review

 CRKT Minimalist and Recycled Firefighter Nomex Handkerchief


Who would love the CRKT Minimalist?


Knife addicts, collectors and EDC fanatics would love this knife, I do believe. The Minimalist is something different and special on the market. It comes in at a very affordable price point and offers something different that its competitors do not.


CRKT Minimalist Review

 CRKT Minimalist Knife and Recycled Firefighter "Truckie" Pouch 


Recommend or No?


I would absolutely put my stamp on the CRKT Minimalist as a knife worth purchasing. Given its price, features, great sheath/lanyard and overall excellent performance it wins itself a solid 10 out of a 10 in my book.

If you're interested in this knife, or are simply looking for something unique - I recommend this knife hands down.


CRKT Minimalist Review


CRKT Minimalist and Recycled Firefighter Nomex Handkerchief and Bunker Gear Chief Backpack


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