Your Gift Guide for Recycled Firefighter

by Jacob Starr December 09, 2016

We're doing a lot of our shopping online this year. We get to avoid the cold and the crazies this, right haha. We figure many of you are doing the same. So we wanted to put together a handy-dandy Gift Guide for all things Recycled Firefighter.

Recycled Firefighter Gift Guide

Below - We'll break it down into stocking stuffers, gifts under $50 and gifts over $50.



The neat, little unexpected items that you can surprise people with that they aren't expecting....We've comprised a nice collection of stocking stuffers this year, that won't break the bank at $20 and under.

Stocking Stuffers for Men

Who doesn't love a pen that you can write with upside down, and a notebook that you can take out in the pouring rain!

Give 'em a way to keep those keys handy and to wipe the turkey/ham grease off their chins after Christmas dinner!




We have a ton of great gifts that come in under the $50 price tag! Your friends and loved ones who are into everyday carry will LOVE them!

At only $19 The Truckie is an awesome gift for people who want to keep their stuff organized. And it even works as a cool container to stuff other Christmas gifts into ;)

The Sergeant is our best selling wallet for good reason. It's slim and super handy! Whether you're buying a wallet for the dudes or the ladies, this wallet is the bomb.

The Captain just barely creeps into the Under $50 category, but it is worth every penny. It is the largest and most capable wallet in our collection.

So, give dad an update to that old worn out wallet. He deserves it!




Whether you're looking to rock someone's fuzzy winter socks off with a killer gift or they were extra good this year, our Over $50 Collection has some killer gifts!

Much like The Truckie, The Major is an awesome gift for those who like to keep their gear organized and handy at all times. And again, it can work as an awesome container to hold extra gifts (like our stocking stuffers).

Our Chief backpack is an awesome gift option for many types of people this Christmas season. The outdoorsman (or woman), the commuter, military or law enforcement...Or someone who needs a bag as tough as their everyday life.

Ahh...The Gift Card. Nothing says "I didn't know what to get you, so buy something cool for yourself" like this one. Yeah, we have that gift covered too ;)

Jacob Starr
Jacob Starr

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