Black Friday 2016 (11.25.16)

by Anthony Roe November 21, 2016

It's that time of year again, folks! It's time to put on your helmets and kevlar, grab your shopping carts and go to war in the stores for $2 bath towels....It's BLACK FRIDAY 2016, baby!

EDC Gear Black Friday Sales

Or you could join the rest of us who aren't dealing with that mess and sit in the comfort of your own home, while getting deals online!


Recycled Firefighter Black Friday 2016 Deals!

If you're looking for killer deals this Black Friday on EDC Gear and Wallets, we're going to be your favorite store!

We're giving you guys and gals 20% off of our popular Truckie EDC PouchCaptain Wallet and our consistently 5-star reviewed Boot Leather Sergeant Wallet!

Use Coupon Code "BlackFriday2016"
(Active 11.25.16 Only)



Shop "The Truckie" Gear Pouch (20% Off on Black Friday)

Black Friday EDC Gear Sale


Buying the Truckie as a gift?

The Truckie makes an excellent stocking stuffer which you can stuff even more stuff into. Win/Win!

EDC Gear Black Friday Sale



Shop "The Captain" Bifold (20% Off on Black Friday)

Mens Bifold Wallet Black Friday Sale


Interested in gifting the Captain this holiday season?

Give 'ole dad an upgrade and replace that thick, cumbersome bifold (or dare we say, trifold) wallet with the thin Captain!

Black Friday Mens Wallet Sale



Shop "The Combat Boot Sergeant" Wallet (20% Off on Black Friday) 

Mens Wallet Black Friday Sale


Your loved ones would love the Sergeant!

Our Sergeant Wallets have received thousands of 5 Star Reviews. They are loved and well used by women and men alike. So rest assured, if you gift a sergeant this Holiday season, they'll get years of use from it!

Wallet Sales on Black Friday

Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe

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