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Benchmade Proper Review

by Anthony Roe October 26, 2017

The Benchmade Proper 319 has been gaining a ton of popularity within the Every Day Carry Community as of late and for good reason...

Benchmade Proper Review


Benchmade Proper Review


In the midst of lightning-fast automatics, buttery smooth assisted open knives and flippers, Benchmade came out of left field with a modern gentleman's knife. The Benchmade Proper is not going to be a one-handed knife, it is not quick and it's by no means tactical like some of their other blades.

But, this is why the Benchmade Proper is gaining such a diverse following. This knife is making us reimagine our everyday carry and reprogram back to the simpler types of knives that we all likely started out carrying. And that's part of its charm.


Benchmade Proper Review

Shown Above: Recycled Firefighter Hankie and EDC Tray


Benchmade Proper #319


If you're unfamiliar with the Benchmade Proper and just happened to click on this review, here are some quick specs for this beautiful little knife:

  • Blade Length: 2.86"
  • Overall Length: 6.69"
  • Closed Length: 3.85"
  • Blade Steel: CPM-S30V
  • Handle Thickness: 0.40"
  • Weight: 2.32oz
  • Made in the USA
  • Handle Material: Micarta (but it also comes in G10)
  • Opening Style: Manual (Slip Joint)

As you can tell by these specs, the Benchmade Proper is compact and doesn't weight much at all. By way of reference, it is only slightly larger in terms of length than the infamous Swiss Army Knife Cadet...And in hand, they don't differ much in noticeable weight.


Benchmade Proper Review

Shown Above: Recycled Firefighter Hankie and Leather Captain Wallet


What's different about the Benchmade Proper?


In a market filled to the brim with tactical folders and oversized pocket bowies, the Benchmade Proper sends an entirely different message. To me, the Benchmade Proper is the knife for people who have grown tired of modern flippers, automatics and assisted opening knives.

The Benchmade Proper gives us something different than what's been available in this overly saturated market for so many years. If we're looking at big-box stores, think about what's been available: Tactical knives, Case Knives, Swiss Army's and hunting knives. I know that's a bit vague, but that description really does cover about 90% of my local store's shelves.

Now, in 2017 we're seeing the tables shift a bit with the Proper. This is still a modern knife, made by a well-known and respected brand, it is using modern materials...But they've took an old-school approach to the design. Which is amazing for us. Because, now, if we want a slip joint or "trapper" style we can look further than Case or Swiss Army.


Benchmade Proper Review

Shown Above: Leather Sergeant Wallet


Lightweight for the Win!


I can remember the days of rolling out with a 4" folding knife, a double stack duty sized pistol and a pocket full of stuff. But, as of late I've taken a turn towards going lightweight and the Benchmade Proper has been pivotal in this change.

Often times, you're going to find me carrying a small single stack pistol, a Sergeant Wallet, my Benchmade Proper and 2 or 3 other lightweight EDC Items (flashlight, chapstick, etc).


Benchmade Proper Review

Shown Above: Leather Sergeant Wallet


Benchmade Proper Quality


As I've already mentioned, the Benchmade Proper uses a lot of modern and high-quality materials. The Micarta handles are fantastic and have taken on a lot of character since I bought this knife a couple of months ago. The S30V blade steel has been fantastic as I assumed it would be (it's my favorite high-end blade steel). And though I am not a Slip-Joint aficionado I feel that the Benchmade Proper is a very tight knife in terms of its operation.

I've carried this knife every day for the entire duration of owning it (2+ months) and I have to say, this is the best Benchmade I've owned yet. I have total confidence in saying this knife is Grade A Quality.


Benchmade Proper Review

Shown Above: Leather Sergeant Wallet


Benchmade Proper Safety


I'll be honest, my first hesitation when looking at the Benchmade Proper was its safety. I wondered how in the world a slip joint knife could handle the riggers of everyday carry. (ie: fear of it closing on me) But I have to say, the Benchmade Proper is plenty safe, based on my usage.

The opening mechanism has a half stop built in (a feature that is lacking in the Swiss Army Knife Cadets). Meaning, it will physically "click" halfway through its opening or closing, instead of going all the way. And the lockup, once it's fully open, is very solid. I've had no issues or fears of this knife closing on me during typical EDC chores or even outdoor tasks.


Benchmade Proper Review


Benchmade Proper: Recommended or No?


I would absolutely recommend the Benchmade Proper. If you're looking to change up your EDC with something more traditional, but you don't want to sacrifice modern qualities, this is the knife for you.

This is a really cool, fun and practical knife. It gives you everything you need and nothing more. That's part of its unique charm. I personally cannot get it out of my pocket. In fact, I believe this is my 2017 Knife of the Year!


Benchmade Proper Review

Shown Above: EDC Tray and Recycled Firefighter Hankie

Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe

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