Jake Starr on "The Unofficial Shopify Podcast"

One of the great things about starting and running my own business has been the amazing people I have gotten to know. People I would have otherwise never known if I had just stayed in my small bubble of firefighting. Although firefighters are typically amazing guys and girls, some of the nicest people I have recently come across are guys in the E-Commerce world. So in comes Kurt Elster, who invited me to be on his podcast.

Super knowledgable guy, and made this episode really memorable for me with his wittiness and ease of conversation. 


Here is a quick interview I did with Kurt Elster over on "The Unofficial Shopify Podcast".

Kurt runs a website called Ethercycle which helped me improve my sales last year by increasing my conversion rate and helping me with my email marketing. Kurt really is a solid guy and a fellow EveryDayCarry fanatic. 

It was truly a pleasure being on the show and we talked about all sorts of stuff. I run though what has worked for me with my Instagram page and how I started my business and drilled down to the EDC niche.

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  • Michael

    Great story and inspiration from a fellow Kentuckian. If I can achieve 1/10th the success you’ve had, I’ll be happy. It adds fuel to the fire to get things done. Keep up the good work!

  • Jake Starr

    This is Jake,

    Leave a comment below and let me know what you think? Have any questions about something? I’ll be responding below in these comments! So ask away!

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