25% OFF! Maybe the Turkey's still talking...

25% OFF! Maybe the Turkey's still talking...


Maybe it's the leftover Turkey talking, or we've gone crazy...But we're running a SMOKING CYBER MONDAY SALE this year! Starting this Monday, use coupon code "CYBERMONDAY2017" for 25% off everything!


Recycled Firefighter Cyber Monday Coupon


Recycled Firefighter BEST COUPON Yet!


It's very rare that we get to release discounts on our gear since we keep the profit margins reasonable year-round. But when we can run a holiday deal, we're always stoked! So, go ahead, get your debit card or PayPal account ready...It's gonna be a good one this year!


Recycled Firefighter Coupon


Wallets, Notebook Covers...

If you're like us, you're starting to get into frenzy mode, shopping for Christmas Gifts. To help you get started, check out our best selling wallets and notebook covers. What guy doesn't love replacing his old beat up wallet? And what's cooler than a notebook cover, which a sweet pen and WATERPROOF paper in it?! Trust us, it's a cool gift to give (and receive).

Shop All Gear


Recycled Firefighter Coupon Code


Need some cheaper gifts too?

We've got some cheaper gear for stocking stuffers in our arsenal too, like Nomex Handkerchiefs. And with our 25% off "CYBERMONDAY2017" coupon code, they'll be even cheaper!

Shop $18 Handkerchiefs
(only on Cyber Monday)


Recycled Firefighter Coupon Code


...We have big gifts too!

Have someone on your Christmas list that's been really good this year (or you just wanna treat 'yoself)? Treat them (or you) to a bigger gift like our Major Pouch or one of our Backpacks! Our bags & pouches are perfect for organizing EDC Essentials, and I know we all have a lot of them!

Shop Bags!
(Up to $40 off on Cyber Monday!)


Recycled Firefighter Cyber Monday Sale


25% Off Starts This Monday

So there, you have it! Our biggest sale of the year! If you've been waiting to buy something for a family member, friend or yourself (hey, no shame) now's the time to do it! 

Shop all Recycled Firefighter Gear Now!


Recycled Firefighter Coupon

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