Crash fire rescue duffle bag


Over the past year of building my business I've gotten really good at sewing. I've worked extremely hard at teaching myself how to sew (ironically I've learned off YouTube). To the dismay of my wife I've spent countless hours walking around the fabric store and probably around 600hrs behind my sewing machine this year alone. My old industrial walking foot machine makes it easy to spend countless hours sewing, it really runs like a dream. 


With the long hours I've spent learning I have yet to make a duffle bag for myself though. I know that's pretty silly, I mean I've made probably 60 duffle bags and haven't even made one for myself yet! If I wasn't so busy I would probably make a bag like you see above. This bag came out amazing. It's made from aluminized bunker gear, a fabric that protects firefighters from high temperature fires associated with plane wrecks and jet fuel. This stuff looks like its strait from the NASA shuttle! I've sewn two outside pockets on opposite sides and a name plate lengthwise across the top zipper closure with a Velcro flap. All of my bags are lined with the same thermal liner that comes with the gear. I use refurbished seatbelt webbing and all metal hardware. All my seams are double and sometimes triple sewn. I really do take pride in my craftsmanship. These bags are sure to last, and if your bag happens to be involved in a jet fuel fire, it'll be just fine!

If you are interested in a custom duffle bag similar to this check out my previous sales on my etsy page.





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  • Stevie Cooper


    absolutely love your work! im a massive fan and follow all your updates on instagram. I know it may be a long shot but I absolutely love your bunker gear duffle bag, and was just enquiring if you still made them/will make them in the future? im a retained firefighter in Scotland and I love everything firefighting and when I seen those bags I just knew I had to have one! ive read that you may not be making them again but I thought theres no harm in asking!

    keep up the good work and I look forward to the updates from your instagram and facebook!

    kindest regards

    Stevie Cooper

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