The Nomex Handkerchief Story

"Why would anyone buy a fire resistant handkerchief"?

This is the question my wife asked me a few months ago when I suddenly had this idea pop into my head! At the time I was busy developing the new backpack out in the garage and I had already spent the better part of a month face down behind a sewing machine. 

I understood the reasoning behind her question, nobody has ever made a nomex handkerchief, well at least to my knowledge. But after a few moments of awkward silence I chimed in "Because it's fun being unique, and nomex is actually really soft"!

So maybe those aren't the best reasons, so let me list some other reasons why this product is awesome!

  • Made from Second Quality Tri-Blend Nomex
  • Super soft fabric that only gets softer when you wash it
  • Top stitched around the edge so it'll last a long time
  • Protects your pocket in case you catch on fire
  • Ensures your hand won't get burned if you breath fire while blowing your nose