Scrap Tarp Material Products


The item you just purchased is made from scraps left over from the making of fire service dump tanks. Recycled Firefighter has partnered with Fol-da-tank company, one of the largest manufacturers of dump tanks in the US. I take the left over waste materials from the manufacturing process from Fol-da-tank and create these awesome products out of it. Although this material hasn't been "used" in the fire service, I am still repurposing a valuable material and saving it from going into the landfill. 

 This is such a unique and durable material, since it is waterproof it will protect your cards from that summer sweat down in your pocket. Don't act like that doesn't happen to you! 

Take a moment to dream of history your item bares with it, you're now carrying that with you every day. It's survived and served its first career now its ready for its second career as a durable EDC item.