Retired Bunker Gear Story

So you bought a product with some "Retired Bunker Gear"?! First off, I wanted to thank you for your support! Every order helps me keep the doors open over here at RecycledFirefighter headquarters......well it's really just my garage in Louisville KY.

Keep in mind, I have each coat and pair of pants professionally washed and cleaned of any contaminates. As firefighters we wear this gear against our skin for our whole career, it really is a safe material. Just don't eat it......I heard it tastes bad anyway....

So over the years I've been really lucky when it comes to finding awesome bunker gear. I keep my ear to the ground and when cities surplus expired gear, I jump all over it.

Last year I got gear from several departments in my home town here in Louisville, and a bunch from farther away like KIOWA FD in Colorado.

Here is a cool pic of a bunker coat I was fortunate enough to grab from KIOWA FD.

KIOWA fire department in Colorado

The item you purchased may have some gear from Harrods Creek Fire Department as well. This is a local fire department about 15 minutes from my house here in Louisville Kentucky. Check this pic out below.

So thank you for keeping this awesome piece of fire service history alive!

Carry it with pride!


Jake - Owner of RecycledFirefighter