A word from Jake

Veteran Firefighter & Owner of RF

Are you looking for tough, unique, and top quality front pocket wallets, backpacks, or other manly gear? All of my products are Hand Made in the USA out of the highest quality Military Spec binding, webbing, and elastic. That's what all of my customers love about these wallets and bags.

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We make a true front pocket wallet Slim, Durable and super comfortable.
Recycled Materials We give firehose, leather & other materials a second career.

Best wallet i've ever owned!

Nefty J.

"The most awesome little card wallet...

I have ever owned! It's perfect in every way from the materials used to the durability to the size. Wish I didn't wait so long to purchase."

5 Stars

"Not only is the wallet slim...

...which is a must have in my opinion but it also just so doggone cool to have a wallet made of fire hose, ya know? As an added bonus it super durable and lightweight. I bought one for a gift for a friend and one for my FF hubby!"

5 Stars


Nicole R.

Attention to detail

Andy T.

"I've proudly utilized the bag on 2 airline trips as my carry on in the last couple weeks and couldn't be more satisfied. I usually just pack all my junk in a check in bag and forget about it till I land. However, I have been loading light on these last couple trips and going straight basic training style with my packing skills just cause I want to carry this backpack around!! It has absolutely lived up to its purpose and will continue to do so. You just can't beat a handmade American made (by one human) product!! I will continue to support Jake and have passed the buck to many friends who will do the same, thanks again for your pride, patriotism and attention to detail."

5 Stars

"Great design, awesome material...

This EDC item will last forever! Support these guys!"

5 Stars

Rite in the Rain Cover

Steven P.