Military Leather


The leather used in your wallet is the same material that the U.S. government uses in its combat boots. Although I didn't recycle old combat boots (the government actually destroys most unusable boots now) your wallet still has an amazing back story. When the U.S. government inspects this leather they are extremely picky and throw out any leather with markings and brandings. Instead of letting this unique leather go to waste simply because it has some scars or markings I buy as much as I can find and put it to good use!


I've carefully chosen this material because it both performs extremely well as a wallet material and because NOBODY else is making wallets out of this stuff! I love being the first at something and it looks like you do to! This is my first batch of these wallets, so hold on to yours because it may be a collectors item someday.


  • Tanned in Maine
  • Made from American Cows
  • Fire Resistant & Water Resistant
  • Rejected by the Military due to scars/markings
  • Made by hand by Jake in Louisville Kentucky