Fairfax Hose Story


The hose that is in your product served on an Engine Company in the Fairfax Virginia Area as supply hose for about 15 years. Fairfax County has 38 Fire and Rescue Stations and serves over 1.1million people on a daily basis. This fire hose was decommissioned after failing its annual pressure test in 2013. It supplied water to fire engines every day to 3 different platoons on shift. That means it probably had over 1,000,000 gallons of water flow through it during its career.

Typically a supply hose is what we call LDH or Large Diameter Hose. LDH is 5" or larger diameter while the hose is pressurized, measured on the inside of the hose.

I primarily use LDH for my items since it doesn't go inside burning buildings, it simply supplies the fire engine with water from the hydrant. This keeps the hose mostly clean for its lifetime and free of any burning debris.

Supply hose is an amazing material, it's double jacketed for ultimate durability. The inside jacket is waterproof and it is what carries the water, the outside jacket is simply there to protect the inside jacket from cuts and abrasions.