100 Year old Kentucky Barn Story

I have a friend in Madisonville Kentucky, it's about 3 hours from home here in louisville, who mentioned he had access to an old barn that was being torn down. 

I immediately began to think over some cool products we could make out of some rustic barn wood. After really trying to stay within the "Everyday Carry" genre I landed on a cool looking rustic Valet Tray.

This barn was built in the early 1900's and spent its entire life housing farm animals and hay. Over the past several years this barn has been empty and needed to be taken down due to structural damage. 

The barn was taken down with some heavy machinery and a small team of guys over the span of 2 days. 

The wood was then kiln dried for 2 weeks, rough sawn down to standard dimensions. 

Overall this barn made for some great looking rustic material that we were able to turn into awesome looking Valet Trays!