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What inspired us to make men's tactical wallets?

Our founder, Jake Starr, has been a firefighter for almost 10 years. His creative personality led him to realize that decommissioned fire hoses didn't necessarily have to be condemned to a landfill. In 2014, he designed and produced his first pocket wallet, "The Sergeant", at his workshop in Louisville, Kentucky, and it was a smashing success. It was followed by a long list of popular products that helped Jake build Recycled Firefighter into the respected company it is today. Read more

Our products combine rugged materials with a timeless aesthetic

Made in the USA and built to last, our wallets are designed to endure decades of daily use in both casual and professional environments. What’s more, they can easily fitting in your front pocket. This way, they enable you to keep cash, credit cards, and IDs with you at all times without making any compromises on comfort or security. Since they're handmade out of real recycled fire hose, each wallet comes with its own unique history and story to tell. Read more

We offer a variety of highly-rated firefighter wallets for sale

Social proof is huge in this line of work, and we're glad to say that our products have garnered countless fans in all parts of the country. "The Sergeant" alone has 2,000 Five Star reviews, and we're sure it won't be long until it passes 3000. In fact, we're so confident in the quality of what we provide that we offer a full 30-day return policy. Literally thousands of guys have bought and carried our fire hose wallets before you, so don't hesitate to order yours today. Read more


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Men's tactical wallets are made out of resilient materials and sewed with extra-sturdy stitching to enable them to withstand hard use and harsh outdoor environments. They also tend to be designed with an emphasis on function and comfort, rather than form.

The vegan wallets we have for sale are fully made in the USA out of recycled fire hose. Since this material consists of synthetic fibers such as nylon filament and polyester, it contains no animal-sourced components. This makes our products the ideal option for people who are looking to limit their environmental footprint.

We can proudly say that, with normal use, our firefighter wallets should easily last you a lifetime. They're made out of some of the most durable materials available today and manufactured in a way that ensures excellent functionality even after years of hard abuse.

Designed with minimalism and comfort in mind, our traditional firefighter wallets are best worn in a front pocket on your pants or shirt. This allows you to keep your valuables secure and on hand at all times.

Here at Recycled Firefighter, we design, produce, and distribute cool tactical wallets for men that are entirely made out of recycled fire hose and other resilient materials. All items are built tough and designed to last you a lifetime. Our other products include:

  •   Highly resilient and stylish bags made out of fire hose,

  •   Versatile and spacious repurposed fire hose backpacks,

  •   Broad array of accessories for firefighter bags and backpacks,

  •   Extra-slim "Sergeant" wallets crafted out of real fire hose,

  •   Large and convenient firefighting hose duffle bags, and more.

Start browsing our store today, or give us a call if you'd like to learn more about our products and methodologies.