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How we started repurposing used firefighter hoses

Jake Starr, once a firefighter, boasts comprehensive knowledge of just how strong and durable fire hoses are. That’s what sparked the idea of starting Recycled Firefighters and using nylon from obsolete fire hoses in a variety of useful products. Today, we make a wide range of long-lasting and practical firefighter backpack accessories for sale that serve versatile purposes. We’ve transitioned from using fire hoses to cutting them and stitching them to create an assortment of handcrafted items. Read more

Highest-quality 1000D Cordura nylon ensures dependability & durability

Our focus is to provide a selection of accessories to perfectly complement the firefighter backpacks we offer for sale. Plus, we manufacture all our items using a combination of 1000D Cordura nylon, Nomex, and strong USA-made hardware for quality without compromise. Our main focus when designing our accessories is durability and longevity. We strive to build products that last, and decommissioned fire hoses are the ideal material due to their high strength and rigidity. Couple that with high-quality hardware, and you’ve got a winning combination. Read more

An array of modern accessories fit for different uses

When it comes to accessories we design and manufacture, we focus on functionality and ease of use, as well as complete compatibility with the backpacks we provide. This is how we make sure all our firefighter backpack accessories for sale are a good fit for your bags of choice. We’ve taken the time to listen to our customers’ most frequent requirements and create items that offer solutions to some of their common problems. This is how we’ve designed and created our assortment of useful accessories, including toggle mask adjusters, rigid loop panels for our 12HR and 24HR backpacks, orange reflective patches, Nomex handkerchiefs, as well as keychain belt clips. Read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keychain belt clips are an incredibly useful accessory that attach to one of our firefighter backpacks for sale and allow users to clip on their keys on it. The mechanism is sturdy and secure and ensures your keys will remain firmly attached. 

What’s more, the HK-style Recycled Firefighter keychain clip is made using reflective webbing, allowing you to easily spot your keys even if it’s dark outside or inside. It’s 5” long, 1” wide, features all-black hardware, and it comes with a 1” key ring in the box.

Our Nomex handkerchief is one of the most popular firefighter backpack accessories for sale we have in our offer. We make it using fire resistant Kevlar/Nomex woven fabric which is extremely absorbent and soft enough to allow for pleasant wiping of your sweat or nose. The dimensions are 11” by 11” and we stitch it with a strong nylon thread.

A rigid loop panel is a firefighter backpack accessory that allows you to attach up to 4 smaller or 2 larger mesh front pouches before placing them firmly into our 12HR or 24HR backpack. We use a combination of rigid HDPE plastic and 1000D nylon binding to provide you with both the functionality and the durability you require.

Our orange reflective patch is another accessory for our firefighter backpacks. Our company makes it from 3M fire-resistant reflective trim and it features a hook back and a stitching from size #90 nylon thread.

Recycled Firefighters is a company that envisions, designs, and manufactures a selection of high-quality firefighter backpack accessories, including keychain belt clips, Nomex handkerchiefs, toggle mask adjusters, orange reflective patches, and rigid loop panels for our 12HR and 24HR backpacks. 

We make all our products using high-quality materials and US-produced steel to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck and a backpack accessory that will last for a long time. We also offer a wide selection of other 1000D Cordura nylon products, including: 

A collection of durable and long-lasting bags and accessories

Different types of 1000D nylon wallets in different styles

A range of hard-wearing firefighter backpacks in different styles and sizes

A wide array of firefighter equipment duffle bags

Two types of slim from pocket sergeant wallets

Many other items

Browse our website, check our stock, and find your choice among our selection of high-quality handmade firefighter bags, backpacks, wallets, and accessories.