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Why you should always carry a pocket knife.

by Anthony Roe September 29, 2017

Ever since I was a young boy I have carried a pocket knife with me every day. I guess you could say I got broke in on the everyday carry thing before it was a thing.

I always remember my dad carried a Yellow CaseXX Trapper and so did his dad. So naturally, I followed in their footsteps and packed a small single blade trapper.


Why Carry A Pocket Knife?


As you can imagine, after carrying a knife for longer than I can remember, it has become a part of who I am. If I don't have a knife in my pocket, it would feel as weird as walking into a store without pants on. It's a fundamental tool in my day to day life. I don't carry one because it's cool or because it is something to take pictures of for Instagram...It is an essential tool.



Everyday Tasks for a Pocket Knife


On a day to day basis, I always find myself reaching for a pocket knife. It could be for opening the mail, cutting loose threads off my shirt, opening packages for my kids, or even cutting a weed out of the garden. A pocket knife is an essential cutting edge that I use for everything. The majority of my knife tasks are pretty boring. But I can assure you that a good knife is irreplaceable when it comes to performing said tasks.



Self Defense with a Pocket Knife


Though it's a last resort and something I pray I never have to rely upon, a knife is a great last-ditch self-defense weapon. And the great part about a knife in this role is it's very discreet. Here in Kentucky, everyone has a pocket knife clipped to their front pocket. So, if you are trained and prepared to use your knife for self-defense, it's one of those hiding-in-plain-sight types of tools that you could deploy if needed.



A Nice Pocket Knife Is Gentlemanly


If you choose to carry a nice/classic knife pocket knife like the Benchmade Proper (shown above), it adds some class to your everyday carry. Nothing to me is more of a "gentleman's everyday carry" than a nice pocket knife and a handkerchief.



A Pocket Knife is an Emergency Tool


Just as I pray I never have to deploy my knife in a self-defense scenario, I pray I never have to use it as an emergency tool. But just the same, a knife is indispensable in an emergency scenario. You can use a simple pocket knife to cut seatbelts, break windows, cut clothing/bandages, etc. A knife gives me a lot of peace of mind when I think of these scenarios.



Releasing your inner MacGyver


Let's face it, as men we are always looking to tinker and fix things that pop up during the day. I can't count the times that I've cut stuff and created whacky impromptu contraptions with my pocket knife. You will relate is you've done the same, lol.



Lets hear it from you!


I wanna hear it from you all...What's the wildest thing you've ever used your everyday carry pocket knife for? Leave us a comment below!

Anthony Roe
Anthony Roe

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