Top 10 EDC Keychain Gadgets

We are all about maximizing every part of our everyday carry gear. So today we wanted to chat about some neat everyday carry items that you can add to your keychain that will help you out in your day to day life.

This list will include some cool tools that will make your everyday life a bit easier, and some of these items will help manage your keys/keychain accessories to be easier to carry.

Top EDC Keychain Gadgets


EDC Keychain Management:

Let's be honest...Carrying keys around can be kind of a pain if you don't have some way of managing them. I know I hate having a bunch of keys bunched up, down in the bottom of my pocket.

So, we're going to recommend a few ways for you to either minimize the footprint of your keys, or keep them out of your pockets to make them more comfortable.


1) The Recycled Firefighter "Chauffeur" HK Clip:

Maker: Recycled Firefighter • Price: $19 • Available Here
Best Use: Key Management / Key Dangler


2) Keysmart Classic

Maker: Keysmart • Price: $20
Best Use: Key Management


3) Nite Ize S-Biner

Maker: Nite Ize • Price: $4
Best Use: Key Dangler


4) Monkey Fist

Maker: Available through a lot of vendors • Price: $8-10
Best Use: Key Dangler and Self Defense Weapon




EDC Keychain Gadgets & Tools

Having some simple tools and gadgets along for the ride in your everyday carry can make life immensely easier. Below we'll list a few items that are perfect for an array of tasks, some of which include: Cutting, starting fires and making small repairs.


5) Nite Ize DooHickey

Maker: Nite Ize • Price: $5-6
Best Use: Small Repairs & Maintenance


6) SAK Cadet Alox

Maker: Victorinox • Price: $30ish
Best Use: Small Repairs, Cutting & EDC Tasks


7) Maglite Solitare

Maker: Maglite • Price: $8
Best Use: Illumination


8) Leatherman Style PS

Maker: Leatherman • Price: $25
Best Use: Small Repairs & EDC Tasks


9) Keychain Ferro Rod

Maker: Various • Price: $5-8
Best Use: Fire Making


10) Stainless Steel Keychain Lighter

Maker: Maratac (CountyComm) • Price: $15+
Best Use: Fire Making & Lighting Candles/Etc


Maximizing your EDC Keychain

We hope you've enjoyed our list of Keychain Related EDC Gear. As with all of your EDC Gear, we recommend that you keep things as minimal as possible...Cut the junk and keep what you need.

We believe 2 or 3 of the items above, paired with a slimmed down selection of keys will help give you an incredibly versatile keychain to pair with your existing EDC Essentials.


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