BEST Field Notes Cover (bonus points, it's a wallet too)

BEST Field Notes Cover (bonus points, it's a wallet too)

Best Field Notes Wallet


I have always loved carrying a notebook with me. But, often times, it gets tossed into my backpack and is not easily accessible when I need it. On top of that, the notebook gets shredded to pieces as it's jumbled around with my other everyday carry items.

But those days are finally gone. So, if you're like me and have always wanted a proper way to carry a Field Notes notebook, then this Notebook / Wallet combo will be an answer to your cries.


Field Notes


Best Field Notes Cover


Our "Hypalon Inspector" is an incredibly thin, lightweight and reasonably priced Field Notes Cover / Field Notes Wallet Combo. It's priced at $39, which is well below comparable Field Notes covers (most of which do not double as a wallet).

Here are some quick specs on this wallet/notebook cover:

  • Holds up to 2 Field Notes Notebooks
  • 4-6 Credit/Debit Cards
  • Small stacks of Dollar Bills
  • 1 Velcro Morale Patch
  • Proudly Made in the USA

The Hypalon material we've used is not just thin, it's super rigid, long lasting and waterproof! Making it a minimally designed, EDCable option for those wanting to carry everything with a small footprint.


Field Notes Wallet


Morale Patch Wallet


Another awesome feature of the Hypalon Inspector is that you can make it your own. Located on the front of the wallet we have placed a sizable soft-sided velcro area so you can personalize it with your favorite Morale Patches. I personally find myself swapping these out every week or so and it always brings new life to my trusty old wallet.


Field Notes Wallet


Everyday Carry Perfection


The Hypalon Inspector is a product you have to put into your Everyday Carry to fully appreciate. It's ability to serve you while taking notes, paying for things at the store and organizing your day to day clutter is pretty remarkable.

You can pack this wallet/notebook cover full of stuff and it still remains easy to carry.


Best Field Notes Cover


Buy Field Notes Cover


Shop for Field Notes Covers (available in black & coyote): $39

Shop for Field Notes Notebooks: $10

Shop for the BEST EDC Pens: $14


Best Field Notes Cover

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