How to tie a double Bowline Knot

How to tie a double Bowline Knot

Knot tying is pretty much a lost art if you compare it to the old days when mens day to day jobs required handling ropes all day. Even a few hundred years ago rope was a main source for lashing down cargo, keeping your livestock safe, or keeping that sail from blowing away. 

In the fire service we use rope almost everyday. We use rope for high angle rescues, to help a drowning victim from going down stream during swift water rescues, and even hauling hand tools up a high rise building when the stairs or elevator would be slower. 

I love tying knots, I know thats odd but it connects me to an earlier age when men could take care of themselves. They knew which knot worked best for an given scenario and which type of rope would work best for the situation. Although I don't have any sails to tie down or any calfs to rope I use knots in my day to day life away from the fire service as well.

Just the other day I was needing a solid knot that would keep a load of furniture tied down while I donated some stuff to Goodwill down the road. Although I probably could have just jumped on YouTube and learned a quick knot, I was prepared with a wide knowledge of knots and this allowed me to keep the load safe and tie a knot without much thought. This both saved time and energy because I wasn't searching around for a bungee cord and I could rest easy on my drive down the interstate without being nervous all the furniture would fly away.

The knot I'll teach you in this video is a modified Bowline knot. Instead of just one half hitch, it features two. This makes the knot just a tad stronger and doesn't take much extra work. So watch the video and try this out yourself! 

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