Jamie Hyneman's Boots

A few years ago I was watching the Mythbusters show and noticed the awesomely unique boots that one of the hosts was wearing. After a quick google search I figured out that those boots that looked like bowling shoes were actually Thorogood Roofer boots. 

Thorogood is a USA made boot company who sells all sorts of work boots and dress boots. I was actually already familiar with this company because I own a pair of thorogood structural firefighter boots, and I love them. 

So after spending about $150 on amazon, my boots arrived in the mail and I couldn't have been happier. These boots are rugged looking and extremely well made. Although they took a tad bit longer then I had imagined they would have to break it, after that initial break in period they have been solid as a rock. 

Take a look a this video to get an up close look at these amazing boots, purple laces and all! haha


Hey guy's it's Jake, and I'm giving away ten of these custom bi-fold wallets, The Captain, to ten of my lucky followers. So see the info below how to sign up. And you're probably wondering what on earth I'm wearing. This is a crash fire rescue coat. So it's the bunker gear that guys wear in high temperature fires.

So it's super high temperature resistant. It's aluminized bunker gear with the Kevlar on the inside, and I made ten of these wallets out of this stuff. It's the Captain bi-fold wallet. You know it's got three card slots over here in the ID window and then the spot for cash. 

So yeah I was thinking, "What would be just awesome? Something that nobody else has ever done." And I thought, "Man I should make some wallets out of this really cool bunker gear." And the best that I know I don't think anybodies ever made wallets out of this stuff. So it's really cool. It's even cooler when you cut the sleeve off of it as you can tell. 

So, I'm giving these away in preparation for the new Captain bi-fold release pre-order that's coming up. So make sure you sign up for that, and watch some of my Youtube videos and let me know what you think. Thanks guys.


  • Keith Longlois

    I can dig it on the boots. You got me figerin’. I like a little funk with the practicality. Like your stuff.

  • Jake


    Actually the tongue on these boots is sewn into the boot almost all the way to the top eyelet. It’s actually sewn to the second to the last eyelet so it doesn’t shift at all. Maybe this is a cost cutting measure to make that Wood N Stream model a little cheaper? That’s weird though, never had any issues with my tongue shifting while wearing these things.

    Jake Starr – Owner Recycledfirefighter.com

  • Adam

    I have a pair of similar boots. Same design, just all leather and a different sole, Wood N’Stream Roofer, another line from Thorogood. I love the boots but find the tongue always shifts to the outside. I can set it in the middle, lace up, but within half an hour it’s always all the way to the side. Do you find the same issue?

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