Repurposing Fire Service Dump Tanks

About 7 months ago I cold called the owner of Fol-Da-Tank, they are one of the largest manufacturers of portable water tanks for the fire service industry. I was surprised that they not only took my call but they told me they had about a ton of scrap material they had JUST THROWN AWAY in the dumpster.

I had to hide my excitement when I explained how awesome it would be if I could use that rugged 22oz vinyl for my wallets. After a brief exchange the owner decided to ship 6 huge boxes of this stuff to me.

Now I wouldn't suggest shipping a ton of scrap material across the U.S. but if you do, schedule a freight drop off! I unloaded those 6 boxes myself and almost killed my back getting them into my truck. 

I've been making Sergeant wallets and Rookie wallets out of this waterproof material for the last 7 months. Not only is this material super thin but it's an amazing repurposed material that was literally pulled out of the dumpster! Now that is awesome.

Take a look at this video of the Black and Typhon Sergeant wallet. It definitely has a smooth and cool look to it.

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