Bunker Gear Tool Organizer

I've had many tool organizers over the years, some made out of fabric, and others I've taped together out of duct tape and fire hose. It's just a little poetic justice that I've used fire hose for this firefighter bunker tool pouch. Recycling and Repurposing at its finest. 

I've actually made several of these tool pouches over the years for myself or friends. I had this design worked out in my head after I've tested several other styles over recent years. I made this tool organizer from hose from Fairfax VA and edged it with MulticamBlack military spec binding. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for next weeks project. Follow me on Instagram to suggest a project for me!




  • Bri Hill

    IS this not available????

  • Matt

    What’s the thread and needle used on the sowing machine?

  • Elias Vidaurri

    Recently I watched a u-tube video by Wranglerstar wher e he showed a tool pouch you made which contained several spaces for various tool needed for his chainsaw that would fold closed. He mentioned you quit making them but stated he wished you would start again because he was interested in perhaps buying a couple more and asked all his viewers to contact you about re-introducing the product once more. He sole very highly of your workmanship, so I too would be interested in purchasing a similar tool pouch. Thank you. Please send me an email if and when you sell this product.

  • Jessica Rau

    How do I order this? I don’t see an option to buy, but I definitely need this for my gear. We had tool pockets added to our new gear, then my Deputy Chief removed that pocket to add a bailout system to the leg instead. I’m going to slice off a finger with my box cutter searching for my screw driver now!!!

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