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I didn't start RecycledFirefighter because I had a huge plan to make a ton of wallets. I actually started because I had a desire to be able to work from home. I asked myself what sort of work I could do that would allow me to stay at home and watch my new son, who at the time was about 1 week old. 

I realized that my creative skills and hard working mentality could be leveraged into a successful 1 man sewing business. I honestly had no idea what on earth I was going to make first, but that didn't matter because I needed a sewing machine first!

I started browsing Craigslist and found an old German walking foot machine from a guy who used it to make motorcycle seats. I paid the guy $250 for that first machine and had no idea what the thing was worth or even how to use it. Looking back to those early days I realize what was really driving me to learn so many aspects of starting a new company all while taking care of my son and working 48-72hrs a week at the fire house. It was passion. I was passionate about being a better father and being home more often, I was passionate about creating something that is going to last. I am probably more passionate then I need to be, and that gets me in trouble sometimes. In this case however it was the single driving force for me to not give up after those 130hr work weeks started stacking up!

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