Toiletry bag video

Check out this short video I made that shows one of my Grey/Red toiletry bags. Feel free to post any questions in the comment section that you may have. Enjoy




  • Bsrb Knapp

    Hey Jacob and family!
    Just enjoyed visiting your site. I’m Roger’s sister – your mom’s new sister-in-law. I’m very impressed with your work and eager to meet all of your family someday soon. Sending our best from out west!

    Barb & Dennis Knapp

  • William Outlaw

    I just watched Wrangler Star’s recent you tube video on his chainsaw “kit” that you made for him. Just wondering if you would make me one the same…. The small bag and the roll up fire hose kit. I love them – they look to be the best ones I’ve seen out there for this specific purpose. Way to think outside the box!

  • Mike

    I bought two for my nephew and brother-in-law for Christmas a while back. They are both 16-17 now, and tend to abuse backpacks, luggage, clothing, etc. I stenciled their last name on each bag and told them how the bags were re-purposed after being used to save lives. They treat them respectfully and they still talk about how cool the bags are. Impressing a teenage boy with anything that doesn’t have breasts or a joystick is tough, but you did it!

  • Dee Lowney

    Hi There, I would like to order a toiletry bag for my grandson’s Christmas gift. Will you have some on your site to view and purchase? I just ordered one of the wallets.
    What a great way to recycle. Thank You!! Dee

  • Jeremy

    Good evening, first let me say AWESOME product. I love mine. I am wondering if you will have any in stock for the holidays, I want to get them for my crew as Christmas gifts.

    Thank you.

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