Expanding your EDC with the Chief Backpack

Happy Friday, everyone! And welcome back to more EDC Talk here on the Recycled Firefighter Blog!

A couple of months ago we listed the Top 10 EDC Items that we believe everyone should be carrying with them, at all times. If you are already carrying all of the items we listed but still want to pack a few more things along with you on a day to day basis, then this article is for you!

We're going to be chatting about how you can expand your EDC with some items that are a bit uncommon, but will still come in handy from time to time. You will need some sort of bag to carry all of these excess items in, and we would recommend our Chief Backpack for this task...as it makes an incredible and versatile EDC bag.

Everyday Carry Items


Hygiene EDC Items:

Let’s say you scarfed down a sub on the way to meet someone and it was overloaded with onions. A quick brush of your teeth and a piece of gum to freshen things up could make things a lot more comfortable when you all meet up (instead of shielding your mouth during the whole conversation).

Or let's say you were outside sweating...A quick clean off with a wet wipe and a fresh coat of deodorant (deo for your b.o.) could make you feel a whole lot fresher.

1. Dental Care Items (toothbrush/toothpaste and floss)

2. Deodorant

3. Chewing Gum or Mints


Keeping the germs away...

Another scenario...Let’s say you are out and about in town. You’ve been in 3 or 4 stores, touching dozens or hundreds of items, handling money, keypads on credit card machines and shaking hands at the end of transactions. Then you run through a drive-through to grab some food. You need to sanitize your hands in order to keep all of those germs off of your food, which would end up going into your mouth. A simple bottle of GermX or a pack of wipes will help keep you clean.

4. A bottle of Germ-X (hand sanitizer)

5. Antibacterial/Wet Wipes



Some simple medicine-related EDC items can make a day out a lot more comfortable should you have some discomfort like a headache, stomach ache or even something as simple as chapped lips.

6. Chapstick for chapped lips (among the dozens of other uses it has).

7. Tylenol/Ibuprofen for headaches and minimal pain relief.

8. TUMS or something along these lines for stomach related issues.

9. It's smart to carry some extra prescribed medication if you rely on this every day. You never know if you may get stuck out somewhere and need extra.


Other unique EDC Items worth considering:

10. Snacks:
Having something simple to snack on has helped me many times when I don’t have time to stop and grab some food, or need something to hold me over. (Or to toss back at the kids to keep them quiet and happy)

11. Cell Phone Charger & Spare Batteries:
We all carry a phone. And all of us should carry a flashlight (as mentioned in our top 10 article). Keep those suckers powered up.

12. Rounding out your media EDC (Headphones):
I personally think headphones are a perfect way to round out your media related everyday carry.

13. Multitool or small/lightweight tool set:
Tossing a multi tool or a lightweight tool set in your EDC Bag could really help you out, should you need to make some minor repairs or do some maintenance on anything throughout the day.

14. A jacket or some extra clothing layers:
I can’t count the times that i’ve been out and walked into a restaurant and thought, “man it’s cold I wish I had a jacket”. Thankfully most of the time I have a spare jacket in the car, as part of my EDC.

Pro-Tip for Men about #14: If you're out on a date and your lady is cold and you whip out a jacket to keep her warm, you’ll be her hero.

15. Hankie:
A hankie is a great item to add into your EDC. It can be incredibly useful for any scenario where you need to wipe up something. And for that matter, you could even use one in an emergency scenario in combination with your first aid kit if needed.


Did we miss some of your favorite EDC Items?

Let's hear it from you guys! Did we miss some of your favorite EDC items that would be classified as uncommon? Drop us a comment below...

(Bonus points for extremely off the wall EDC Items :))

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