Big things coming to Recycled Firefighter

I've done a terrible job at keeping this blog updated, however I have some exciting recent news! I've been working on some super cool items that should be going up online soon. I've been thoroughly testing and designing what I think is gonna be a unique and durable tool/utility/shower bag. These new bags have drawstring closures at the top and have no exposed raw edges. Talk about bags that will last a lifetime, I may just have to sell these bags with a lifetime guarantee!


Also I have been blessed with several large orders recently who have given me tons of exposure. Be sure to check out this website to see what they are saying about my stuff.


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  • Cathy Olson

    Hi, I recently bought 5 of your products from a store in Prescott, Az. I love them! I would love to see you make a smaller flat zipper pouch (maybe half the length) for a purse. I would also like to see you make a crossbody bage. Size it like your tool bag (13″ × 8″), with a zipper. It would be perfect for travel or a long day of shopping. A bigger tote/purse would be great for travel (with a zipper). Its hard to find a good durable bag for travel that you don’t mind putting on the floor. I think if you did this your market would open up more to women. I look forward to seeing what products you come up with.

    Thanks for your time, Cathy

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