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I've always been the creative type. As a kid my brother would tease me because I thought I could make anything out of string and duck tape. Now that I'm thinking about it, I still make stuff out of string and duck tape. You know what they say about duck tape, if you can duck it.....well you know the rest. 


I've turned this creative ability into a side job now, and use my new found sewing skills to help around the firehouse as well. Shoot, last Halloween I used my sewing skills to make my sergeant's costume, even though they called me a seamstress the whole time. I've sewn countless patches on gear and fixed many bags around the station as well. This past month I had a chance to make something truly unique, a custom R.I.T. bag for a friend with lexington fire. I was approached with the idea of trying to make a bag that would house some bolt cutters, an axe, and other miscellaneous tools for Engine 13's R.I.T team. They wanted a super durable bag that could be thrown over the shoulder or dragged down a hallway while searching for a downed firefighter. It was a difficult task but I think I succeeded and my friend was very happy with the bag I made him. It was an honor to be able to use my skills to create a bag that may help save someone's life someday. 


If you or anyone you know are interested in a custom made bag for your Firehouse just let me know. 




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  • Brad Masters


    I’m looking for a sm/med hand tool bag, about 4 quarts in volume, heavy duty.

    I also saw a custom knife sheath you were making. I have a “large” gerber folding knife. I keep it on my bunker gear pants belt, the sheath is giving out after so many years. Think you could make me a new one?

    Great work!!

    Brad Masters

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