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Filling my new boots

by Jacob Starr November 13, 2013


My new boots came in the mail today. I've typically purchased all my boots in person in the store, this time I tried something different, I bought them online. Ive worn out countless cheap boots over the last 10 years in the fire service. Whether they were a $50 or $150 pair they wouldn't last more then a year. So thinking back about how many boots I've worn while on duty I began to wonder what sort of stories they'd tell. Would they be sad stories, or possibly tell of happy tales I'd long forgotten? 


My first pair of duty boots were put on as an EMT in Clearwater Florida. I wore those boots for 10-12hr shifts for 4-5 days a week. From there my duty boots took me to Indiana and then on to Louisville Kentucky, I am sure my boots will take me places I can only dream of. Whether good or bad, rain or shine, warm or cold, my boots have taken me through some of the most amazing calls in the emergency service. From fatal car wrecks, fatal house fires, heart attacks, little kid birthday parties, and most importantly while napping on the recliner at the fire house my old boots were there. 


I'd like to believe if my old boots could talk they'd tell all good stories, but the truth is they've seen some pretty nasty things. Sure they've been with me while I've helped rescue dogs from house fires or while handing out plastic fire helmets to kids at birthday parties but I've also been walking in them while I had to perform CPR on someone on thanksgiving and Christmas. Both good or bad days come and go and are all mostly forgotten. It's only rare times like today in which a new purchase sparks old memories of calls I've made as a firefighter, calls in which I've had to forget. Forgotten for the sole purpose of being able to continue on through the pain and suffering that a firefighter sees while on duty. 


I hope these new boots protect me while I walk on this journey, good or bad, rain or shine, warm or cold, and make sure I get home safe to my wife and little baby. 




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Jacob Starr
Jacob Starr

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