1000D Cordura Wallet

1000D Cordura Wallet

1000D Cordura Wallet


1000D Cordura Tactical Mens Wallet

We have always been HUGE fans of 1000D Cordura fabric. It's tough, it's available in a ton of amazing colors and it lasts forever. So, it only made sense that we would start offering a 1000D Cordura Wallet!


1000D Cordura Tactical Wallet


Tough Tactical Wallet

The multicam cordura Sergeant Wallet you're seeing above & below has been in our EDC "Test & Evaluation" Rotation for 6 months or longer...It still looks brand new! (And no, we're far from easy on stuff when we test it, haha)


1000D Cordura Wallet


Best Mens Credit Card Wallet

This fabric in our upcoming 1000D Cordura Wallet is fantastic in that it stretches a bit. So, if you like carrying a lot of cards with you, this is a Sergeant Wallet that you're going to want to keep your eyes on!


1000D Cordura Fabric


Lightweight Front Pocket Wallet

All of our Sergeant Wallets are incredibly lightweight, perfectly suited for front pocket carry. But there's something about the 1000D Cordura versions that feel even lighter and simpler in your pocket.


1000D Cordura Tactical Wallet


5 Star Perfection just got Better

If you've not tried a Sergeant Wallet yet we believe you're going to love them! This is our flagship wallet here at Recycled Firefighter...It boasts nearly 5,000 perfect 5-Star Reviews from customers just like you and we're always dedicated to making it better.

With the addition of the upcoming 1000D Cordura version, we believe we've upped our Sergeant game, yet again!


1000D Cordura Tactical Wallet


Available SOON in 6 Colors!

Stay tuned to our Instagram for more info on when these will be available and for more pictures of them!

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