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"The Fire Hose Rookie Bifold Wallet"

"The Rookie"

Handmade out of recycled firefighter hose and built with both everyday and professional use in mind, "the Rookie" is a great option for anyone who wants a rugged and eco-friendly folding wallet that will stand the test of time.


Thin & comfortable minimalist bifold wallet designed for front pocket carry

The Rookie Front Pocket Bifold Wallet holds up to 12 credit cards and is made from real fire hose. Sewn out of mil-spec materials, this folding wallet is a game changer, not only because there are no other products like it, but because its simple design works flawlessly.

  • Made from decommissioned polyester fire hose
  • Sewn with T-90 nylon thread
  • Edged with 1" mil-spec nylon ribbon
  • Minimalist bifold design
  • Compact, yet durable
  • Holds 8-12 cards
  • 5" elastic cash strap on exterior (cash folded into thirds)
  • High-quality full grain 3 ounce leather

*The items you receive may not be exactly the same as what's shown on their product pictures. We don't add writing to every item, as these items tend to be limited. Also, the hose may come with small markings or scuffs, and be a bit darker or lighter when viewed in person. Since every product is 100% hand-crafted, it may be slightly different from other items in the same category.

How our products stand our from other accessories

We provide our customers with dependable and eye-catching bifold front pocket wallets. We also ensure an excellent buying experience. Our online store has been specifically built with security and user-friendliness in mind. What's more, we look after our clients' interests by offering various discounts, affordable shipping, and straightforward return policies.

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Made out of decommissioned fire hose

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are front pocket wallets?

Also known as minimal wallets, these wallets are designed to reduce the amount of items you carry, while also making it easy for you to pack the essentials such as credit cards, IDs, and cash. Front pocket wallets also have the advantage of security: it's virtually impossible for thieves to steal them without you noticing. This makes them an excellent all-around option for daily use.

How do you know if a folding wallet is good quality?

Due to being handcrafted out of actual fire hose, bolstered with full grain 3 ounce leather, and tied together with T-90 nylon thread, our bifold wallets are able to withstand a lifetime of normal use. This commitment to providing our buyers with the best possible items has earned us thousands of positive reviews and a long list of loyal customers.

How do you buy a firefighter bifold wallet?

All of our products are available directly through our online shop. Simply go to the store section on our website, add the items you want to your cart and, once you've included everything you need, click on the checkout button and finalize your purchase.

What is the price of a fire hose bifold wallet?

You can find the price for the item you wish to buy at the top of its product page. All of the product pages are accessible through our online store. We're also big on discounts and promotions, so be sure to check if any are available for the items you want to purchase.

Where can I find sturdy firefighter bifold wallets made in the USA for sale?

Over the course of the previous 7 years, Recycled Firefighter has saved and reused over 20 tons of decommissioned fire hose. We can proudly say we've used this sturdy material to create some of the most reliable everyday carry items you can find on the market today.

In addition to men's bifold wallets, we also offer extra-slim firefighter hose wallets, durable credit card wallets made out of military spec 1000D nylon fabric, and more. Start browsing our online storefront today, or give us a call if you'd like to learn more about us and our products.