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How we came up with the idea of firefighting backpacks

Jake Starr, our founder, has worked as a firefighter for nearly a decade. During this time, he identified a need for durable, no-nonsense everyday carry backpacks, bags, and wallets that could be used to safely and conveniently transport essential items. He also noticed that thousands of feet of fire hose were being decommissioned each year. Before long, he was using the hose to make a wide array of men's backpacks, wallets, and other practical items for daily use. His hard work has paid off, and today, Recycled Firefighter products are used by thousands of guys across the country. Read more

Locally sourced & manufactured products built to last

All of our everyday carry backpacks are 100% made in the USA and designed to endure heavy use and protect their contents even in extreme weather. Each item is handcrafted out of real fire hose that has been lovingly repurposed at our facility in Louisville, Kentucky. We regularly offer special deals and award our loyal customers with discounts. Our commitment to excellence has garnered us a long list of happy clients and thousands of 5-star reviews. Read more

Versatile & comprehensive selection of EDC backpacks for sale

We provide numerous options when it comes to color, capacity, and accessories, and are so certain of the quality of our merchandise that we include a 30-day return policy with every order. From firearm-friendly range backpacks to nigh-indestructible 1000D cordura backpacks, you can rely on our products to meet your needs and stand the test of time. Start browsing our shop today or reach out to us on the phone if you'd like to learn more. Read more


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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a bag that's designed to provide secure, hands-free transport for handguns, ammo, and the associated accessories. All of our range backpacks are 100% made in the USA, designed to be resilient and easy to use, and come equipped with firearm-friendly compartments.

EDC stands for "Every Day Carry". This term is used by tactical survivalists to describe essential items they keep on their person or in their pocket at all times. The EDC backpacks we offer for sale are specifically designed to not only make storing and transporting these crucial items as easy as possible, but to also keep them safe in rough weather and other harsh conditions.

Cordura fabrics are known for their extreme durability and dependability. In addition to being able to withstand heavy-duty use and long-term wear, they also have excellent water repellent qualities. The 1000D Cordura backpack we have for sale are among the toughest bags available on the market today.

With normal use, the men's everyday carry backpacks we manufacture will last you a lifetime. While the black fabric may develop some scuffs, discolorations, and other signs of wear, it should otherwise remain just as durable and as functional as on the day you purchased it. Components such as zippers and clasps may fail after years of use, but these can be easily replaced.

At Recycled Firefighter, we specialize in making and selling a broad range of items made out of repurposed fire hose. All of our products are made in the USA and designed to withstand heavy use in both casual and professional settings. Check out our online store if you're interested in:

  ‚ÄĘ   Tough-as-nails bags made out of recycled fire hose,

  ‚ÄĘ   Slim and minimalist "Sergeant" fire hose wallets,

  ‚ÄĘ   Spacious and well-made firefighting hose duffle bags,

  ‚ÄĘ   Variety of fire hose bag and backpack accessories,

  ‚ÄĘ   Expertly crafted firefighter front pocket wallets, and more.

Visit our webshop today or contact us directly if you'd like to ask additional questions about our products and our 30-day return guarantee.